Buying a furnace for the mobile home

My daughter got married last month and she moved out of town with her new husband. They only dated for six weeks before they decided to tie the knot. I thought it was very quick. My husband thought they our daughter was pregnant. I guess the kids were in love, because they didn’t have any other reason to wed so quickly. I didn’t want to see them leave, but her husband got a good job in the mountainous region. Instead of living in an apartment, they decided to buy a run-down mobile home. I was hesitant to support the decision, because I didn’t think they had enough money to buy a home. The mobile home is very inexpensive, but it needs a lot of work. The roof was falling apart and there were two spots that were soft and rotten. The first thing the kids had to do was pay for a new roof. That cost almost five grand, and they barely had enough cash for that project. The second thing they had to do was search for a furnace. The weather can be very cold beginning in the month of October. Sometimes the cold weather, rain, and snow will last until April. It’s impossible to spend the winter season without a high performance furnace. My wife and I wanted to help the kids, so we offered to pay for the furnace. They accepted the offer happily, and we started shopping for a furnace. We opted for a gas furnace, because the mobile home was already set up for gas heat. I thought electric would be easier, but that would require an overhaul of the current heating components. 

My wife and I have a credit card for the Home Depot, so we decided to search there for a furnace. We reviewed several different forced air and gas furnaces. I was particularly happy about the Winchester multi-positional gas furnace. The Winchester 80000 BTU multi-positional gas furnace is ideal for residential or even commercial applications. The furnace is designed for installation and downflow, horizontal, and upflow applications. The furnace is set up for natural gas, but can also be adjusted for propane use with an optional conversion kit. I thought the multi-speed drive blower motor was a nice touch as well. Unfortunately, the AFUE rating for the Winchester 80000 BTU multi-positional gas furnace is only 80%. My wife and I were looking for something with a higher Energy Efficiency rating. I liked the low price tag on the Winchester gas furnace, but with an 80% afue rating, it will be very expensive to use every month. I knew the kids wouldn’t want an incredibly high electric bill each month.

I also found another gas furnace made by Royalton. This forced air natural gas furnace has a 3 ton blower motor and 95% AFUE rating. Of course, the price tag was $600 more than the Winchester model. The Royalton 88,000 BTU single stage upflow forced air gas furnace contains a lubricated variable speed blower motor with multi speeds. The Royalton furnace is gas ready as well and can also be converted to propane with a conversion kit. Both the Royalton and Winchester come with a 10-year limited parts warranty.

I also looked into a Century brand forced air furnace. The GUH series by Century is 95% efficient. It has a single stage motor and heat exchanger. The motor and heat exchanger help accommodate cold temperatures when weather conditions are changing in your home. The GUH series gas furnace offers impressive efficiency in the coldest temperatures. This natural gas furnace RV also be converted for propane. The guh series natural gas furnace by century weighs approximately 150 lb and is nearly three feet in height. The forced air furnace has a heat output of 85000 BTU per hour. The blower has a variable speed motor featuring four different settings. Between the three furnaces that my wife and I reviewed, the century guh series seemed to be the most efficient. I was still concerned about the installation process.e

After searching through many of the products available online, my wife and I decided to consult with a contractor. We set up a free consultation with one of the Home Depot contractors. They met with us on Tuesday, so we could talk about our budget, service options, products, and needs. The contractor measured the home and checked all of the electrical work. The HVAC contractor also reviewed financing options and gave us the total estimate for our project. Even with labor and additional fees, it still makes sense to have it professionally installed. At the end of our consultation, we received an extensive quote that included parts, service, labor, and a brand new furnace. The estimate was good for 30 days, which gave us plenty of time to contemplate the decision. During our research, I assumed we would install the furnace without help. After speaking with a professional, I quickly realized that the job required more than a basic knowledge of machinery and electric. 

We thought about the decision for three days, before we decided to buy the performance furnace from Carrier. The name Carrier is one of the best in the business. Carrier is one of the best names on the market, and they have comfort and efficiency that folks can depend on. Carrier makes a high-efficiency furnace that can help create consistent temperatures and a smooth and quiet flow of air. Carrier furnaces are up to 97% efficient with smart evap technology that helps control humidity levels in your home. All carrier furnaces feature standard single stage operation with an ECM blower motor. All Carrier furnaces come with a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger as well. Carrier furnaces feature versatile venting options for tight applications and flexible installation that includes upflow, downflow, or horizontal installation. The Carrier gas furnace is one of the best names in home heating and comfort. I feel good knowing that my daughter and her husband will be warm and cozy all winter. 

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