Commercial window tinting for bakery

I own a small little bakery on a major street in the city.

I get a lot of foot traffic because of my location plus my wide assortment of breads, cakes, muffins plus pies.

I also spent quite a bit of time, effort plus money on the look of my locale. I have cute, striped awnings. I have an old, antique wooden door. The outside of my locale has tons of potted plants plus hanging baskets. Inside the bakery are pressing wooden tables, funky stools plus a long bar-like set up where people can sip their coffee. A pressing part of my decor is the windows of my business. I have 1 main window where the people walking by can see all my freshly baked breads plus pastries. The other windows I spent money on to get tinted, then commercial window tinting wasn’t too much money plus was totally worth it. I got a faint grey tint to my windows that frame my 1 clear window. The grey also matches the awning, paint plus looks superb with all my flowers. The window tint additionally gives a loose idea of privacy. I was able to put more tables in my bakery right by the windows. Most people don’t want to rest that close to a street where people can watch them eat. With the window tint replacement, people can barely see in, however my buyers can see out. You get the best of both worlds. Another perk of adding a window motion picture is protection against the sun. Those tables by the windows are not sizzling seats in the house.


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