Didn’t appreciate the terrible air quality on the plane

Still, it was especially overheated and humid inside of the plane.

My wife’s father celebrated his 50 year birthday last weekend. My wife and I flew across the country to be with him on his special day. We actually left our dwelling on Sunday morning and both of us drove all the way to the airport. It took approximately two hours and the traffic was especially heavy across town. My wife and I were severely tired by the time both of us finally took our seats on the plane. Both of us labored through the day and both of us were ready to close our eyes for a few minutes. It was going to take 3 hours at least to get to our destination, so my wife and I definitely plan to rest on the plane. Sadly, the indoor air quality levels inside the plane were overheated, sticky, and really odory. I had the ventilation fan blowing in my direction and my wife was using the air ventilation fan also. Still, it was especially overheated and humid inside of the plane. All of us were terribly uncomfortable, although I could tell that other people were just as miserable as the two of us. Several people were writhing in their seats and others were talking to the stewardess about the indoor air quality levels. My wife and I did not have the desire to add to the complaints, so both of us tried to remain calm and deal with the situation… They never fixed the ventilation complications in the plane, and my wife and I were sweaty and miserable by the time we arrived at our destination. We both went to the hotel first to take a shower, before we went to see my wife’s father.

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