HVAC shop is tied up for months

For as long as I can remember my husband and I have been bickering. Our relationship was essentially founded on long-standing conflict and bad attitudes. I think that we both kind of like the excitement of getting into fights and making up again. That being said, there are areas of our life that we are tired of bickering about. For starters, I’m tired of worrying about all of the finances while he runs around and spends money on anything he wants. I’m doing everything I can at the house to keep our bills low and our savings accounts afloat. Unfortunately, my husband has never agreed with the sentiments. From the get-go, I thought it was a good idea if we upgraded our heating and cooling equipment in the house. The forced air furnace was 10 years old when we moved in and the air conditioning unit was 12 years old. We knew that the air handling devices weren’t going to last much longer and they were energy-inefficient to operate all the time. However, that hasn’t stopped my husband from abusing the thermostat on a daily basis. Meanwhile, he hasn’t been accepting of the idea that we needed to save up for the inevitable HVAC upgrade headed our way. As many times as I tried to tell him that there was no time like the present to fix our HVAC system, he disagreed. Last week our air conditioning system finally broke down. My husband was ready to call the HVAC dealership for the first time ever. When we got in touch with the heating and cooling repair shop, they told us that now they are booked solid for the next month. Glad we waited?


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