I couldn’t believe how horrible the air quality was on the plane

We both went to the hotel to take a shower before anything else

My wifey’s mom and dad celebrated their 50 year anniversary recently… My wifey and I flew the length of the country to be with them on their important day. We left our property on Thursday in the morning hours and we easily drove all the way to the airport… It took roughly 2 hours and the traffic was brutally heavy across town. My wifey and I were tired by the time we were in our seats on the plane. Both of us worked for the course of the day and we were honestly ready to shut our eyes for a few short hours. It was going to take roughly 3 hours to get to our endpoint, so my wifey and I plan to rest on the plane. Unhappily, the indoor air quality inside the plane was hot, sticky, and somewhat odory. I had the ventilation fan blowing my way and my wifey was using the air ventilation fan as well! Still, it was pretty sizzling and humid inside of the plane, and we were uncomfortable, however I could tell that other people were also extremely miserable. Several people were thrashing in their seats and others were talking to the stewardess about the air quality in the plane. My wifey and I didn’t want to add to the complaints, so we easily tried to remain calm and deal with the situation. They never managed to fix the ventilation drawbacks in the plane, and my wifey and I were sweating profusely and miserable by the time we landed. We both went to the hotel to take a shower before anything else. Soon we made the decision to go to see Mom and Dad.

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