I couldn’t understand all the air purifiers.

When I began my pet rescue, I couldn’t understand my husband’s reaction.

He knew how I felt about animals.

Whenever I found an injured animal I would bring it home andx nurse it until it was healthy. I know I had a hard time giving it up after putting all that time into it, but I did give some of them away. Within two years we went from no pets to sixteen animals. Within two years, we went from no air purifiers to ten of them. I wanted to talk about the air purifiers but our discussions always turned into arguments about when I was going to get rid of the animals. He was tired of the smell of the animals and having to step over them. He told me he couldn’t even get into his bed without pushing something off it. I was really upset up with him until I walked into the bedroom one night and saw him gasping for breath while trying to put his oxygen on. It suddenly hit me that he needed the air purifiers to keep the smell and dander of the animals to an acceptable level. I had forgotten about his asthma and allergies. I guess that made me a horrible wife. Without the air purifiers, his allergies were being exacerbated and his asthma had gotten to the point where he needed oxygen. Why hadn’t I noticed this long ago? Was I really that tied up with my animals? The next day I called an animal adoption center and then I called the HVAC company. I wanted to have a whole home air purification system installed into the HVAC system.

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