I Exposed My Air Ducts For an Industrial Vibe

When my house flooded back in the summer, I was stressed and disappointed.

Nobody plans for a flood, so when it happens, you better hope you’ve been investing in great homeowners insurance. Thankfully, my parents encouraged me to put money aside into a homeowners insurance plan when I first moved into this house, so I didn’t have to spend a ton of money on the flood damage repairs. However, when my contractor came over to assess the damage, he told me that most of the damage was in my roof. The ceiling would need to be completely replaced. Although the insurance money would cover the cost, it would take months to rip out the old ceiling and replace it. This really irritated me, because I hated the idea of living in a construction zone for so long. My contractor could sense my disappointment, so he suggested that I rip out the damaged ceiling and not replace it with your typical drywall. It was really trendy to have exposed air ductwork in homes, which would cut back on time. I’d never considered exposed air ducts in my home before, but I liked the idea! My ceilings were high, which assured that I had plenty of room. When it was all done, I couldn’t believe how great the air ducts looked in my home, and I couldn’t believe that it didn’t take nearly as long as if I’d had the drywall put in! The silver color of the ductwork added to the industrial vibe I was already going for too.

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