I need it to stay loose

My work is severely competitive as well as requires certainly long hours.

It’s not unusual for me to remain at the office for more than 8 straight hours.

It’s often necessary for me to go into work on the weekends. I spend a great deal of time typing on a computer, staring at a monitor as well as talking on the iphone. As the afternoon progresses, I can feel the muscles in my neck as well as shoulders tightening up. By the time I lock the door to the office as well as head to our car, our back as well as hips ache. I suffer from frequent as well as serious migraines. I’ve had concerns with carpal tunnel syndrome as well as tennis elbow. The stress is problematic as well as can keep me awake at night. If I don’t find ways to deal with my stress, it affects our health, mood as well as productivity. I end up feeling sleepy, sluggish as well as depressed. It can be hard to get through the long afternoons. I’ve figured out that the best way to combat the anxiety, fatigue as well as muscle pain is to get a good workout. I need to devote some time to high intensity aerobics. Whether I ride the sit down bike, run on the treadmill, jump rope, use the elliptical or head outside for a run, it’s crucial that I end up sizzling as well as breathless. For a little while, I’m able to completely stop thinking about work as well as concentrate on myself. I make sure to thoroughly stretch all the muscles, concentrate on typical breathing as well as push our body to the limits.




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