I needed a new AC unit.

I had been driving the same HVAC service van for almost two years now.

Whenever I needed to have service done on the service van, I worried they would find something wrong and not give me that van back.

I never expected the HVAC system to fail on the service van. Working as an HVAC tech means I was feeling a bit stupid for not realizing there was something wrong with the air conditrioning unit. I thought I should have been able to hear something happen, or maybe smell a difference in the air. There was nothing. I hadn’t really worried about it being a bit warmer in the van because I liked having the windows open. My wife had to laugh when I told her I was now running the van without any air conditioning. She thought I should be fixing it on my own. I wasn’t a vehicle mechanic. If it wasn’t a central air conditioning unit, I had no idea how to work on the AC unit. I didn’t even bother with the window air conditioning unit. My wife can make fun of me all she wants, but that is how it is. I worked hard to become an HVAC technician. I paid for it when I got out of high school. If she wants to laugh, I could become like my brothers. They never worked a day in their lives. I took HVAC certification classes and not one of them covered the HVAC system in a vehicle. I will leave that to the vehicle maintenance men.

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