I needed to work out in a healthy way

There was a time in my life when I stepped onto the scale a few times per afternoon.

I was overly worried about my weight.

I kept a weekly chart where I wrote down our weight. I worried over every single pound as well as would get severely upset if I didn’t see continual improvement. I often chose a day of the week to fast as well as would strictly drink water. I frequently skipped a meal as well as felt great about going to bed hungry. I was never satisfied with my appearance as well as suffered anxiety over going out in public. Whenever I’d get dressed, I’d look in the mirror as well as critique every curve of our body. I finally realized that I needed to make some big time changes. I decided to seek professional help as well as signed up at a health as well as wellness center. I consulted with a nutritionist who was appalled by my eating habits. She helped me to develop a balanced meal plan that would supply essential vitamins as well as minerals while achieving an active weight. I also started working out with a personal trainer. The training sessions are a great way for me to feel good about myself. I’m rewarded for my efforts by more strength, toned muscles as well as superior level of overall health. When I get uneasy about my appearance, I go for a run or ride a bike! Now that I’m following a more nutritious diet as well as working out constantly, I like what I see in the mirror.



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