I Signed My Dad Up For an HVAC Servicing Program

The older my parents get, the more stubborn they become.

Trying to talk them into anything is impossible, and they never want to stray from what they know.

For instance, I’ve been telling them for years that they need to have their HVAC system serviced twice per year. My dad thinks this concept is absurd! According to him, HVAC companies are only scamming homeowners into thinking they need to have their HVAC system “looked at,” especially twice a year! My dad believes that half the time a professional comes over to service HVAC equipment, there’s nothing actually wrong and there’s no point in paying someone to find nothing. The only time he’ll contact an HVAC professional is when there’s actually a problem that he needs fixed. I’ve tried explaining to him that by the time he calls an HVAC professional for an issue he can’t fix, the price and damage will be much greater. Most HVAC issues can be picked up on during a biannual service appointment, saving homeowners hundreds of dollars! Of course, no matter how much I tell my dad about this, he doesn’t believe a word. This irritates me, because my parents are in no financial position to be replacing an HVAC system. After arguing with my dad one too many times about the importance of HVAC servicing, I signed him up for an annual HVAC service program with the local HVAC company. Now, he’ll get two HVAC servicings a year and all repairs will be discounted. Now, he has no choice but to have his HVAC system serviced like it should be!


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