I spent more for air filters that don’t work as well

You are always going to learn something new in life every single day, this is just how it is.

  • Those who say they guess that they know it all don’t and never will! None of us will.

The thing I received most recently was the fact that when it comes to air filters for your central heating and cooling plan it doesn’t matter what the brand is… However, a lot of people suppose that heating and A/C brands and brands related to anything mean quality. This is not the case! You can get the best brand of any kind of heating and A/C equipment or heating and A/C related things and find that they are not the best thing since sliced bread! I experienced this with these air filters I obtained recently for my house. These were supposed to be the top of the line best brand air filters on the market this week, and in reality they are a piece of total junk! They fall apart actually and you have to change these air filters once a month. I have never had to change the air filter of our central heating and plan once a month with the lesser known brand air filters I usually buy. I could go 2 or 3 months without needing to change the air filter! But these so called top brand name air filters have to be changed once a month or you will get the worst air quality in your beach house and risk having your central heating and cooling plan equipment crash on you. I will be going back to our lesser known brand air filters.


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