I visited and HVAC company to understand their side of the story

I have used AC units most of my adult life and I must say, the experience has been nothing but rewarding.

I wonder why some people claim HVAC providers fall short of not providing enough information at the time of purchase, service, or equipment installation.

On their part, the companies claim that people do not read terms and conditions in their entirety. But to understand how and what an air conditioning system is, you need to understand what an HVAC company is, and that’s where I started. My research began in front of a new HVAC, where a provider explained to his trainees how to perform an air conditioner install. According to the boss, the cooling industry has been infiltrated by cons who tarnish their names and make it difficult to sell genuine equipment at reasonable rates. The air conditioning professional explained that most clients could not tell the difference between fake and quality ac equipment, so once they have the installation done, they experience bad air quality and start complaining. Later they also realize that these scrupulous suppliers don’t provide homeowner solutions, so the blame affects the entire air conditioning business. Another problem is also caused by hiring a new contractor every time one is displeased with services. I personally haven’t experienced many of these instances, and I always carry out due diligence when hiring a cooling and heating provider. It is easy to have a low-quality air filter replacing an original one if you also don’t do a background check on your a/c repairman, or worse still, undergo furnace/heater repair form an inexperienced technician.



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