I wanted to have a do-over.

I always ended up having a rough time with my birthday. My birthday happens to fall on New Years’ Eve. I was born right at midnight, but no one wants to have a birthday party on New Years’ Eve. I asked my wife if we could plan a party for June first this year. I thought it would be different and it might be fun. Who cared if my birthday was actually almost six months earlier. I wanted to have a huge party tent and I knew we were going to need to have portable air conditioners. In our area, it is summer from the beginning of April and you really need to have air conditioning. We had the air conditioning units set up and we were all ready to have the party, the night before. I couldn’t believe it when we got up the next morning and they were talking about a tropical storm. When I went to bed that night, the tropical storm was heading back out to sea and not into shore. It was heading right toward us. I still wanted to have my party, and I wanted to have it in the tents with the air conditioning. Unfortunately everyone was calling and apologizing, but they thought they should stay home and prepare for the storm in case it turned into a hurricane. We had the air conditioning in the tent, so I grabbed my wife and told her we would party alone. We spent an hour eating cake and ice cream and laughing, before the wind picked up and started lifting the tent flaps. We moved inside with the AC and where it was safe.

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