Just needed to change the web design

I consistently considered myself to be pretty internet smart and capable.

  • So even though I could have had help with web building, I did all of the web design on my own.

I thought I did pretty decent. Anyways, after a couple of years in business, I was not happy with the amount of clients I was getting. I lived in a smaller city, with only a single other Heating & Air Conditioning competitor business, but yet it seemed as if they got all of the business. What did they have that I didn’t? I still wasn’t quite ready to admit that I couldn’t do it, & instead I thought of coming up with a few different ads to help draw in more business. Although to my disappointment, the Google ads brought in certainly little. I finally started looking at a few marketing corporations on my computer, since they could maybe help with our situation. I was able to find a good online marketing business, & the first thing they told me is that I had to change our website’s design. Apparently my design came off as certainly stupid & confusing, I thought they were really wrong, even though I changed it. To my surprise, I easily did start getting more traffic to our website after that, coincidence I believed, I wasn’t going to instantly assume that the web design was the cause of all our complications. However, as the weeks went by, I really did notice an increase in clients.


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