Making the repairs on the rental home

My property owner is totally worthless.

I quickly realized that the girl will not hire a professional and she can’t fix a thing. It has worked out for him though since I am a handy woman. There is no point calling him anymore, I just do the work myself. The rental beach house I am in constantly needs repair. I have fixed the dishwasher from leaking, the ice maker now works and the stove is able to start up again. The dryer I need to take apart every 3 weeks and wash the vent in it. If I don’t, the dryer will not respectfully dry my clothes. I also have fixed the outdoor lights, siding on the home and split an electrical line that would have started the home on fire. My most impressive feat is with the AC though. Right away when I moved in my property owner told me the AC is finicky. My property owner basically wipes the AC down and calls it good. I realized that weekly air filter changes were key in keeping the AC going. I also wash out the cooling coil every few weeks and muck out the condensate drain. If I don’t do these tasks, the AC tends to leak water. I noticed the cooling power just wasn’t that good though. No matter what I did, the air coming from my ductwork felt hot. I realized that the outdoor component with the AC was lopsided. I righted it with blocks and now I have icy cold air again. Thank goodness I am handy.



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