My daughter was having a career day at school.

My daughter came home from school with a note about career day.

She said that all of the parents were going to be invited so they could talk about what they did for a living.

I asked her if I was invited. She gave me an odd look and asked what I did? I told her I was an HVAC technician. I told her that I actually owned the HVAC company that I worked at. She shrugged as if to say, ‘So what?’. I don’t think she thought it was a big deal. During dinner, my daughter looked at me and asked what an HBAC guy did? I told her it was HVAC and it meant that I worked on heating and air conditioning. I told her I was one of those guys who kept you cool in the summer and kept you from freezing in the winter. This impressed her. When I tucked her in bed that night, she asked if I was going to come to school with her. She wanted to tell everyone how her daddy was able to make sure we all had heat and air conditioning. She looked at me to make sure she had said the right words. For being seven, she was a pretty smart little girl. I had to admit that I had a great time when I went to school with her. Not a lot of kids asked questions, but I think that is because they were more interested in the lady who baked the cookies. I would have been more interested in the cookie lady if I were them.

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