My dog let me know we had a problem.

I knew I had some problems with my air conditioning.

I had been having problems for the past year, but I couldn’t afford to have it repaired.

I even put off having the servicing done because of lack of funds. I couldn’t understand why it would be such a big deal. I was told that air conditioning units lasted for almost twenty years. My AC unit wasn’t even ten years old, I worried about the AC unit, because we didn’t have it inspected before we bought the house. When I found out the AC was already fifteen years old, I almost screamed. Instead of having the AC unit repaired, it was now going to need to be replaced. I still put off having the HVAC company come to the house. Then we had a bad storm outside, and I thought the sound s in the house was because of the storm and not the air conditioning. My dog was laying in his favorite place, right beside the air vents. I heard a loud bang and the dog jumped, yelped and then ran into the open door. His head cracked the glass and I had to take him to the vet. She told me he had a concussion and she had to put ten stitches in his head. The poor dog was traumatized by the sound of the air conditioner turning on. I went home and called the HVAC company. I was now making payment on a vet call that cost me nearly as much as the payments I was making on a new HVAC system.




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