My room has no insulation above it

For several months I have been relatively happy staying at my mom’s house.

I never thought I would be able to say that because we have a very strenuous relationship most of the time. However, in desperate times you fall to desperate measures. I never expected to be here so long but somehow we have managed to get along for the most part. The only thing that has really been worrying me is my eventual return home. I haven’t been there all summer and I’m honestly concerned to see what the indoor air quality is like when I get back. The house hasn’t been sitting empty because my roommates have been there utilizing the central air conditioning system for many months. However, I have yet to experience the indoor air quality control in this residence. I suspect that my bedroom is going to be rather hot and muggy whenever I return because it never seemed like my bedroom was well-insulated in the cooler months of the year. Throughout the winter season while we were living there I noticed that my room was particularly cold compared to the rest of the house. It always seems like there was a temperature discrepancy walking from the kitchen into my room. There were many hot and cold patches throughout my space which made it uncomfortable and difficult to predict. At some point I poked my head into the attic and saw that there was literally no insulation containing the high quality indoor air in my room. With all of this in mind, I expect that it will be a hot and humid return to my house whenever I make the journey home. Maybe I’ll just stay with my mom.

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