She is intense about working out

The business my girlfriend works for provides a free membership at a fitness center.

However, the membership is at the fitness center situated closest to her office building and was non-transferrable.

While this is convenient, my girlfriend commutes nearly an hour to as well as from work 5 afternoons a week. To benefit from the free membership, she needs to make time for her workouts either before the beginning or following an eight-hour workday. This adds a great deal of time to an already long as well as tiring day. She would love to head to the gym on the weekends. I am severely impressed with her dedication to keeping fit. Friday through Monday, she sets her alarm extra early in order to accommodate an hour workout at the gym. It’s still dark outside when she leaves the house. She drives to the fitness center as well as takes advantage of the wide variety of gear. She has access to state-of-the-art treadmills, stationary bikes, rowing machines, stair machines as well as strength-training machines. Three afternoons per week, she participates in a high intensity spin class for an hour. At the conclusion of her fitness routine, she’s wet with sweat as well as needs to shower as well as prepare for work in the locker room. She bags up her workout clothes to bring home as well as cleans at the end of the afternoon. She says that working out prior to the start of workday helps her to feel energized as well as be far more motivated. I only see her when she arrives at home and is so tired she can barely stay awake for dinner. She heads to bed shortly after we’re done eating.


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