The thermometer told it all.

I never thought that a thermometer could show us what was wrong with the air conditioning unit.

We knew there was something wrong because the air conditioning unit was running all the time, but we weren’t getting much cooler. I didn’t like the idea that we had the thermostat set to seventy, but it seldom got lower than seventy-five. This really upset me. Before we called the HVAC company, my husband thought we should check out the windows and doors first. He said that he thought it was possible the problem was that we needed new weather stripping on the windows andf doors. With the thermometer, he thought we could just point it at the windows and doors and check if there was any cool air coming from the inside. He was right about this, but I wasn’t sure if our infrared thermometer would work for our needs. We took the thermometer and headed outside. I couldn’t believe that we were actually getting readings on the windows. We found several places that showed us it was much cooler than other places. My husband laughed and told me he knew it had to be the windows. He even held it up to the roof and sure enough there were some spots that were much cooler. He told me that instead of calling the HVAC company, we should call the contractor. He wanted to replace a couple windows, put weatherstripping around the others, and add insulation in the attic. I would have never thought that a thermometer could tell us what was wrong with the air conditioning unit.


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