They are responsible for their own AC usage.

I had to move away from my home for a couple of months. I left my roommates responsible for whatever happened to the heating and air conditioning. I gave my three month share of the rent to our landlord and I went home to help my mom. My father had passed away and my mom was having a difficult time. He died suddenly and she was beside herself. I left my apartment and my job and headed home for a while. I had to admit that it was nice to be home, even under these circumstances. The first month was really tough, but then mom and I started laughing. We were watching old movies and relaxing in the air conditioning while talking about dad. She asked me about my apartment and if everything was okay with my being gone for so long. I told her that my roommates were doing well and that I had already paid rent for three months. She was glad to have me home, but she worried about my job. I told her that I enjoyed being home, and I had everything taken care of. I was sleeping in the saqme room I had when I was a kid. The air conditioning in that room was much better than what it ever was in my apartment. Although we all had our own thermostat, you were never comfortable unless you had the thermostat down to sixty-five. We often talked about calling the landlord, but we didn’t think it was worth the hassle just to get a little more air conditioning.

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