They were totally out of HEPA air filters.

I should have known he would notice when he came to look at the AC unit

I went to the home center last week to pick up some new HEPA air filters for my air conditioning unit. I had been using HEPA air filters ever since the pandemic began. I thought that the HEPA air filters would be a way to keep my family safer. I wouldn’t have to worry nearly as much about the virus in my home. I knew the new air filters were able to get even the smallest particles of virus and germs out of the air we breathe This made me feel much safer. I didn’t know that the regular air filters would do just as well. I also didn’t know that the HEPA air filter could actually damage my air conditioning unit. If the AC unit was not made to use HEPA air filters, it could block the air flow and cause real problems within the AC unit. When I started having problems with my air conditioning unit, I wasn’t sure if I was going to afford to have work done on my air conditioner. I called the HVAC company and they told me they would come out and look at the air conditioning unit and if it was too expensive, they would allow me to make payments. I was really worried about the HEPA air filter incident and I didn’t know if I should tell the HVAC technician that I had been using them. I should have known he would notice when he came to look at the AC unit. He told me that I didn’t have an AC unit that was able to handle HEPA air filters, He then told me what I feared he would say. I needed a new air conditioning unit.

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