Window motion picture to protect against my guys playing hockey

I am particularly hopeful that they are done tearing my windows

I have 4boys that like to play street hockey. All my guys have their own hockey stick plus they play against 1 another. I have pucks hitting the side of my car, garage plus condo at all hours of the afternoon. Telling guys the ages of 10-17 to be more careful is a waste of time. They are going to hit the puck as hard as they want plus not pay attention to their surroundings. My garage windows have all been broken by a puck. Replacing them wasn’t cheap or fun. When 1 puck nearly hit my kitchen sliding window, I just about had a heart attack. I realized I needed to put some protective measures in. I found a window motion picture substitutement plus replacement supplier. They add a clear motion picture to a window that makes the window not totally shatter. Worst case scenario it will just spiderweb. Typically the puck should just bang right off of it plus be okay, but even if the window cracks, I won’t immediately need to get on with substitutement. I can shop pricing plus not have a hole in the side of my kitchen. The window motion picture replacement was done suddenly plus quite cheaply. It is nice that there is at least 1 more layer of protection from the guys outside to my head inside the kitchen. I am particularly hopeful that they are done tearing my windows. If not, after that I will need to do a more protective window motion picture substitutement. There must be a heavy duty motion picture that is love steel.

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