Working in a construction zone

A few weeks back, my boyfriend and I started a big time home renovation project.

We’re completely redoing the dining room as well bedrooms.

Everything was terribly aged as well as the rooms lacked typical insulation as well as electric. The dining room was in desperate need of new plumbing, windows as well as hardware. We’ve torn down the walls as well as ceilings to expose the studs. We’re in the process of refinishing the floors. The plan is to install new appliances, countertops as well as light fixtures. The task is honestly going to require several more months to complete. Although we’ve put up plastic sheets to separate the construction zone from the rest of the house, the mess has gone everywhere. It’s impossible to stop the dust, tools as well as construction gunk from getting everywhere. My fridge, microwave as well as coffee pot are currently in the living room. Our supply of dry as well as canned goods is stacked in the hallway. My dishes as well as silverware are being kept in the dining room as well as I’m washing dishes in the tub.Since we are handling the whole project ourselves, every hour of free time is planned for it. I’m finding it difficult to fit in our weekly workout. My boyfriend as well as I start working on the remodeling tasks at seven o’clock in the morning on weekends. The two of us put in a few hours after work. I either need to get up super early to workout as well as try to motivate myself at the end of the day, when I’m tired. However, our home gym area is constantly covered in dust. I need to wipe off my gear before I can workout.

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