A ductless mini split system is great for small spaces like a basement

I am so excited that the Summer is coming to an end.

Mostly, I am glad that the kids are back in school.

It’s great when they are home because I get to spend quality time with them. While they were on break, we went to the park, we painted at home, we also went to the beach, and we visited a few museums. Additionally, we spent some time at my parents’ house. They love going to see their grandparents because they get away with so much. My dad even finished the basement so that they could have a room to play games and have some fun. There’s a big screen TV, a bunch of board games, as well as two different video game consoles. In order to finish the basement, my dad needed to install some form of air conditioning unit. He didn’t want to spend the money to extend the ductwork into the basement for central air. So, he opted for the next best thing, which is a ductless mini split system. The mini split system is extremely efficient, and they are great for zone air conditioning. In addition, the system doesn’t require any ductwork, and it provides both cooling and heating for year-round comfort. But best of all, it is easy to install. In fact, my dad was able to install the unit all by himself. All he needed was a hole for the drain hose and a place to mount the inside air handler and the outside compressor. I am glad my dad was able to finish the basement for the kids because they have enough games and activities to keep them busy all day.


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