A home gym is the right choice for me

Transferring out of the city allowed my husband & I to buy a much larger piece of property.

There’s lots of space for the kids to play outside.

We now have a swimming pool in the backyard and an extensive patio. Instead of a tiny apartment, we own a big house. The kids are thrilled to each have their own bedrooms now. The house includes three bathrooms and a great deal more closet space. The move has been beneficial for our family in so many ways. However, the new town means a considerably longer commute to & from work. We no longer have quick access to advantages such as coffee shops, bakeries & shopping. There is no fitness center in close proximity. For a few months, I hoped to maintain a gym membership anyway. I thought I could use the gym after work, workout for an hour & then drive home. It ended up making my day way too long and tiring. I started to dread the workout & shorten my time at the gym. When I finally got home, I was exhausted. I then attempted to get in the workout prior to work. With the long commute, I’m already getting out of bed extra early. Trying to add an extra hour before beginning the workday was horrible. I finally quit the membership & decided to invest in the essential of a home gym. The larger house has allowed me to take over a room strictly for my workout needs. I’ve purchased a treadmill, stationary bike, yoga mat and weight bench. I bought some free weights, resistance bands & added a jump rope. I’m hoping to afford an elliptical soon. While I don’t have access to the variety of equipment available at the gym, I prefer the convenience of working out at home. I can manage a training session whenever I have some extra time. I can get in twenty minutes on the treadmill in the morning and lift weights in the evening after dinner.


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