A problem with the limit switch caused the blower to run all day

I was thankful for the help of the professional

A fan or blower limit switch is a very helpful part of your furnace and heating system. A limit switch prevents the furnace from overheating. When a furnace overheats, potential problems can arise like fires or explosions. Damage to the furnace and damage to your home can also occur. The limit switch also regulates the indoor temperatures. When a problem occurs with the blower limit switch, most of the time the problem will require the help of a professional repair technician. It isn’t recommended to attempt this repair without some knowledge on the furnace. I had problems with the limit switch on my furnace last winter. The furnace was blowing warm air for several hours in the morning and I noticed that it wasn’t shutting off. Even when I turned the temperature down on the thermostat, the furnace still continued to blow warm air out of the vents. I had to turn the system off completely and call a furnace repair technician. Thankfully, there are several heating companies locally and many of them offer competitive pricing. I didn’t realize the limit switch was the problem with the furnace until the technician looked at the machine. The blower limit switch wasn’t a very expensive repair, but it certainly kept my system from working the way that it should. I was thankful for the help of the professional. The guy solved the problem and made the repair in less than two hours from start to finish. In fact, the repair was so easy that I could probably do it on my own if the furnace needed another one.

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