A went to a hole in the wall restaurant that had no air conditioning

The best restaurants are usually those that are off the beaten path.

I have been around the country many times, and it never fails that the unassuming restaurants are the ones with the most delicious food and the nicest people.

I love taking road trips and visiting some of these hidden gems. I especially enjoy the BBQ restaurants because the food is usually amazing. On my last road trip, I visited the southwestern side of the country. And they take BBQ seriously in that area. I chose 5 BBQ joints to visit and many of them were hole in the wall restaurants that have been around for over 50 years. So, you can only imagine that the buildings were old and had outdated conveniences. For instance, one restaurant was a small room with a few tables. It had an old school cash register and did not accept credit cards. Additionally, the restroom was located on the outside of the building and there was no air conditioning. Well, there was an old window air conditioner installed but it didn’t turn out. I can only assume that the A/C was broken because why else would it be off in the middle of a hot day. I disregarded the fact that the restaurant had no A/C, placed my order and took it to go. I ended up sitting in my car with the A/C running while I enjoyed some of the best BBQ I’ve ever had in my life. While sitting in the car, there was a constant stream of patrons, so the lack of air conditioning wasn’t a factor in the business that this BBQ restaurant got.


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