After the game, it was easier to stay at the hotel

Overtime rarely happens in football games, and double overtime is even more Uncommon.

My friends and I went to a Sunday night football game that was in a town about 4 hours away from home.

Our favorite team was playing the home team and we wanted to be in the stands to watch the division playoff game. It was extremely cold outside and we were bundled up with gloves, hats, scarves, and plenty of layers of clothing. I had a couple of hand warming packets in my jacket and I used them all up in the first quarter of the game. Everyone was freezing and it would have been nice to sit at home with the heat running. Of course, we wouldn’t have heard the sounds of the game up close and personal. The game had two overtime periods and it did not end until after midnight. After the game, it was easier to stay at a hotel instead of driving home. My friends and I decided to share one hotel room. We just needed a couple of hours of sleep so we could drive home in the morning. It was really cold outside, but the heater in the room worked very well. I set the thermostat temperature to 70° and I laid down on the floor next to the heater. I didn’t mind sleeping on the floor, because I didn’t spend any money on the room. I was the odd guy out and chose the floor over paying for a bed. After five hours of sleep, we all got up and drove back home.

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