Boss intentionally messes with thermostat

I honestly cannot believe how manipulative our boss is.

I have never seen anyone so aggressive before in my life, and I honestly don’t believe how long I am going to be able to work in this company.

If the boss continues to act like this, I doubt that it will be honestly long at all. I thought that I would appreciate truly working here, but the boss likes to make the employees irritated. If we had a new boss, I believe that I would be able to work at this company forever, but that just isn’t the case! One of the ways that our boss likes to make us uncomfortable is by increasing the thermostat to intentionally make us uncomfortable. I am not talking about the normal issues with the A/C units. Sometimes bosses are cheap! They don’t want to use the a/c too much or the furnace too much in order to save cash, you can adjust to those problems by increasing your wardrobe. Our boss does adjust our thermostat in this manner, but he does worse things. Once all of us wear warm clothes since he is not using the furnace, he will swiftly decide that he wants the furnace to heat the room up to 80 degrees. During the summer, he will adjust the a/c to the lowest setting to make us all cold, and at this point, he does not even care if we are productive because the A/C makes us task slower. Sometimes he uses the thermostat as punishment, but most of the time, he literally just wants to make us feel uncomfortable.


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