Enrolling at the gym in January

On the 1st of January, I had full intentions of getting into better shape.

I had certainly put on extra weight over the Christmas holidays & was having trouble fitting into my pants.

I was discouraged with how I looked & felt. I had also noticed a decline in my productivity. My job is rather sedentary, & I often suffered from stiffness in my neck, shoulders & back. I realized that becoming more active would make a huge improvement. I went online, checked for fitness centers in the nearby area & came across several to choose from. Through online access, I was able to go on a virtual tour of the facilities & take a close look at the selection of equipment & amenities. They all feature a similar line of machines & group fitness classes. One fitness center offers a swimming pool while another includes an indoor running track. One of them provides personal one-on-one training & another includes massage therapy & tanning. All of the local fitness centers were advertising incredible specials for membership fees. I chose the option that is the closest to my office building, hoping it would be easy to stop & workout on my route to or from our work. I completed the entire sign up procedure online. I didn’t have to step inside the gym. I then took the opportunity to purchase a whole new wardrobe of cute workout clothes, good quality sneakers & a cute water bottle. When it was actually time to go to the gym & workout, I realized how difficult it was going to be to remain dedicated. I quickly enrolled in group classes as a way to make myself accountable. Now that I’ve been exercising at the fitness center for 6 months & have noticed the improvement in my looks, mood and health, I am to continue my workouts.

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