Finally able to afford custom furniture

When our wife plus I first got married plus obtained a home, all of us had truly little money, then both of us could barely cover our mortgage payments, however there was just enough in the budget to spend money for basic groceries plus nothing leftover for extras. Both of us didn’t go out to eat, order take-out or go to the motion pictures, however all of our furniture had either been given to us by relatives or bought from the seventhhand shop… I didn’t get to choose our preference for colors, fabric, style or even the size of the couch, chairs, tables plus everything else. Both of us were glad just to save somewhere to sit, eat plus sleep. As our income improved, all of us eventually had the funds to buy new furniture… However, I still was limited in what I could afford. I chose items that were new but either on-sale, floor models or discontinued. Although I had a little more say in the design of the pieces, I didn’t get exactly what I wanted, however now, after several years of struggle plus compromise, our wife plus I are making fantastic money plus can afford the finer things. I am currently consulting with a custom furniture shop. I’m so gleeful to specify our preferences for everything from the style to the dimensions of the various furniture pieces. I’ve looked through endless samples of fabrics. I’ve consulted with craftsmen from the shop, plus they’ve come to the apartment plus taken measurements. Together, we’ve come up with a color palette plus design theme that will carry throughout the entire house, every piece will not only be custom created but comfortable, durable plus of quality construction plus materials. It’s costing me a small fortune, but I’ve gained it.



Classic elegance

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