Having a SMART thermostat saved my grandfather’s life

My grandfather has been living by himself since my grandma passed away a few years ago. Her passing was really difficult on all of us, but of course most especially on my grandfather. He had some health issues and my grandma used to help him around the house with a few things. Since her passing, we stop by more regularly to check up on him, and send over an in-home nurse a few times a week to monitor his health. One winter evening his heater stopped working while he was home alone. The HVAC system was downstairs in the basement, so he put on his slippers and made the journey down to see if he could easily identify what the issue was. He called a neighbor who walked him through the steps to reset the heater. Once he finished the small repair, he was getting ready to head back upstairs to reset his thermostat when he slipped on a step and fell down. He was able to call for help while he laid on the floor, but it was freezing in the basement since the heater had not been on for more than an hour. His body began aggressively shivering when he remembered that he could reset the thermostat from his phone. My mom had recommended installing a SMART thermostat in his home so that he didn’t have to travel far to adjust the temperature. He reset the thermostat and by the time help showed up, his body had gotten a little bit warmer. He was still very cold, but the paramedic said that if he had stayed in the freezing cold for another twenty minutes, he may have started to experience some really negative outcomes. We’re so grateful for modern technology.


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