Hoping things at the gym go back to normal

One of the biggest drawbacks of the pandemic lockdown for me was learning that my local fitness center was closing and could potentially go out of business.

Like all gyms, they were forced to shut down for quite a few months before restrictions lessened.

Eventually, they were able to slowly resume operations at a limited capacity. I am so thankful that the COVID numbers are down in my area. Finally, the fitness centers are allowed to stay open. I am worried that it will only be a matter of time before we are under restrictions again. Some people still wear masks at the gym. I can’t imagine how these people get enough air when they’re working out. I would think there would be a risk of passing out from exhaustion. One benefit I’ve seen is the large membership discount that is being offered right now. All members willing to sign up for an extra year are getting 20% off their fees. Paying a lower gym membership fee is a nice perk. I am hoping that it doesn’t inspire a huge influx of people. While I want the gym to be profitable and remain open for business, I don’t want it to be crowded. I don’t like struggling to find a free space in the locker room or waiting to use the equipment. I get aggravated when the group classes fill up. I really just wish that everything could go back to normal. I am willing to pay the regular gym membership fees if I can have access to all of the equipment and amenities like before.

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