I am so excited that my kids are back in school

Now that the Summer is winding down and schools are back in session, it’s great to get the kids back into a routine.

  • During the break, they were up late playing, eating junk food, and just being kids.

I don’t mind them having fun, but having a routine is just better for all of us. And thankfully, school provides that routine that they need. The good thing is, my kids were excited to return back to school. They missed their friends and couldn’t wait to swap stories about their Summer break. I was excited because now that they are back in school, I will be saving money on my energy bill. My utility bill always increases in the Summer because we consume more energy during those months. Of course, in order to keep my house comfortable, I need to run the air conditioner. Especially because we live in a state where the temperatures get into the 90s every day. While at home, it would be great if all my kids stayed in the same room, but they are usually in 3 separate parts of the house. So, even though I have a smart thermostat installed that picks up our habits, the A/C will be running in most of the zones in my house. I work from home, so I am mostly in my office and it’s always at a comfortable 76 degrees. But for the kids, they are usually all over the house and I have the thermostat programmed at 74 degrees in most of the other spaces. Now that they are back in school, the thermostat will reset those spaces back to 78 degrees, which will for sure conserve energy and save money.


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