I got overheated in the shower with the heater running

My wife and I live in our RV and we travel across the country visiting different national parks and landmarks.

We have visited 23 states so far and we have a handful on our list already scheduled for next year.

Our RV has a large bedroom, living room, dining room, and enormous kitchen. Unfortunately, the bathroom and shower are very small. Most of the time when we stay at camping resorts, we take a shower in the bath house on the property. Most places have nice amenities and the bathrooms are upgraded with brand new fixtures and tiles. The last time we went to a campground, I got overheated in the shower. It was late in the season and the heater was still running in the bathroom. The heater is connected to the light, so I have to turn both of the machines on while in the shower. The steam from the shower mixed with the heat from the radiant heater made me feel very faint. I had to run some cold water over my head for a couple of minutes. I don’t understand why they still had the heater running in the bathroom, when the average daily temperatures were 70 degrees. I should have probably complained to the manager or the staff, but I decided to take a shower at home for the rest of the week. Next time we return to that campground, it will be summer and we won’t have any issues with the heater. We will probably be begging for cold outdoor air temperatures.
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