I helped with the HVAC upgrade at the gym

I was really excited when I found out that someone purchased the old Fitness Center across the street from my house. I used to go to the fitness center and work out every single day. There was a huge hurricane in the area and it ripped the roof off of the building. The whole place was damaged significantly and the owners decided to bail out and leave. The fitness center has been vacant since the hurricane and I was excited when someone bought the property. About two weeks after construction began, the company where I work won the job to make all of the HVAC upgrades at the gym. The commercial HVAC upgrades took several days to complete and I was helping with the project every day. I got to see everything inside of the new building and all of the changes that were being made. While I was working on the HVAC upgrades, my fellow co-workers and I met with the new owner. The lady was very nice and friendly and told everyone that we were welcome to sign up for a free one-year membership. It was her way of thanking us for working hard on the HVAC upgrades. I absolutely signed up for the 1-year membership before we finished with the upgrades and the job. When the fitness center opens, I’m going to be there every single day after work. The place looks spectacular. They have lots of different machines, free weights, a track on the roof and a spa in the basement. I won’t be surprised if the annual monthly fees turn out to be higher than most places in the neighborhood.


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