I make money on the side with HVAC repairs

I’ve decided to stay in the states for another month to spend more time with our family and friends before going back from our lake home to our flat in Europe.

I have to rent a car for another month and buy an up-to-date plane ticket, so I will end up spending another $2000 on this trip and am trying to receive money to cover the additional expenses.

I used to run a painting business called FBI back in the day and still use our skills to receive money here and there. I also do some heating and air conditioning repairs because I am also licensed in it too. I guess I can make $2000 over the next month while I am here so I don’t have to dip into our savings. At least I have a car with wonderful air conditioning, because last time I was here I rented a car which didn’t have any AC and it was brutal. I also guess I may buy a car next time I come back because renting cars is getting pretty expensive. The only issue is where to keep the car while I am gone because leaving it outside really destroys the car hastily. I would like to buy an up-to-date electric car with a wonderful heating and air conditioning system so I don’t have to worry about the AC chopping down in the middle of the warm season, like it consistently seems to do when I buy an older car. Maybe they will find another solution for public transit here in a single day like they have overseas and I won’t have to rent cars ever again.

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