I need ductwork repair and cleaning.

Living in the country has its perks. For example: you can’t hear or see your neighbors, it is very quiet, and it is very peaceful. Don’t get me started on the beauty either. However, living in the country also has its downsides. For one thing, it takes forever to get maintenance done of any kind. That is if you can even find a maintenance company that is willing to make the drive. Additionally, wild animals are always causing issues. I can’t have a garden at all because of the deer. Squirrels chewed through my roof last year. Then, last week, I woke up to the sound of animals fighting. It sounded like mid sized animals; nothing too big. I was proven right a minute later when a terrible stench entered my home. So at least one of the animals was a skunk. As I lay in bed I started thinking that a skunk outdoors shouldn’t smell this bad. The smell got worse and worse. Then the air conditioner kicked on and it smelled like the skunk was in the house. I knew it wasn’t. I quickly got up and turned off the air conditioner but that didn’t help. My house smelled so bad. I couldn’t go back to sleep. In the morning I went under my house to see if I could find out why the smell had gotten in like that. Sure enough, something had chewed several holes in our ductwork under the house. So the smell was just blowing right in. Great! Now I need to see if I can find an HVAC company to come out and repair my ductwork. I should probably spring for a good ductwork cleaning while I’m at it too.

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