I was worried about the furnace, but the problem was the thermostat

I turned on the furnace for the first time this year and there was no heat.

I was worried about the furnace, because the machine was 6 years old.

Although my wife and I serviced the machine regularly, we haven’t been changing the air filters every month. I know that can affect the furnace in a negative way, so I immediately thought that the furnace was broken and it was our fault. I called the heating company and scheduled a service appointment with a professional service repair person. The heating company had an appointment for it later that day, and I waited until 5 for the first available technician. My wife and I were both worried that the Furnace needed to be replaced and we knew that was going to cost a heap of money. Both of us were extremely thankful when we heard better news from the repair technician. We were worried about the furnace, but the problem was the thermostat. Our thermostat was no longer connecting to the furnace and controlling the machine. The technician advised us to buy an updated and new thermostat. He had several different models in the truck and my wife and I chose a programmable thermostat with a large digital display. The new thermostat absolutely fixed the problem and as soon as it was hooked up, heat started coming out of the air vents as if there were no issues at all. I was truly relieved after hearing that we wouldn’t have to spend thousands of dollars for a new gas furnace. That was my biggest fear.

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