I’m so proud of our small dance studio

I felt so devastated when the pandemic hit.

While most of my friends got to work from home, my boss opted to close his company. He said it wouldn’t make sense to run it from home. And going into the office was becoming too risky. I ended up losing my job and felt so uncertain about the future. Thankfully, I have an amazing best friend who wouldn’t let me feel sorry for myself. She kept reminding me that I was blessed to live in my own condo and didn’t have any debt. The world was now at my fingertips and I had a chance to start over. I always wanted to become a dancer ever since I was young. So, since I was home, I began training once more and filmed some of my moves. About a month after I did this, one of my routines went viral on Tik Tok and that’s how I found myself living a whole new life. Now, I run a small dance studio in the city for kids from the age of 6 to 18. It’s an amazing little space that I bought and have added a cooling system to keep it comfortable. My friend is my business partner. She is in charge of making sure the space runs smoothly and also repairs for things like the cooling unit. Many kids come over during summer break so we must ensure the air conditioner is working so that we all feel comfortable. Even our HVAC expert’s son and daughter come to the dance studio for training.
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