Importance of airflow to AC’s proper running

In order to work properly, the A/C component has to have correct air flow, but air has to flow into the component plus out of the machine, however there are air vents located all over the house to ensure correct airflow.

When one of these air vents is blocked, problems can occur, and one of the worst issues happens when the return vent is blocked, and I diagnosed an A/C component last weekend plus that was the issue.

The shopper moved to the house on the previous weekend. The movers sited all of the boxes inside of the house on the day before the owner arrived. Several boxes were blocking the return vent plus the A/C component did not have correct air flow. Two days after the tenant started unpacking, the A/C component broke down. She called the A/C service corporation where I work plus I was assigned to the service call. As soon as I entered the house, I noticed all of the boxes laying around. I started searching for the return vents plus I only found one. I knew the pressing house had more than one return vent, so I started looking behind boxes. Sure enough, several pressing boxes were blocking the entire return vent. I moved the boxes, cleaned the idea plus diagnosed the machine. I don’t guess the shopper will have any other problems with the component for a while. The component looked fairly new plus I didn’t see any problems other than the blocked air vent in the residing room area. To be honest, the house was pretty nice too. It had a beautiful wooden swing on the front porch plus shutters on the windows.

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