Living in the moment

I’ve worked at the desk of a retirement home for quite some time; I certainly like it here, and I have learned so much about the residents. Some stereotypes about elderly people simply aren’t true. It legitimately can be quite hurtful to assume anything about a group of people like that! But there are some true things. One is that my residents are typically complainers. THey like to ask questions about the a/c plus the heater, and they are always worried about the temperature of the retirement modern home because they properly do not like it to be too cold; When your bones lose mass, you always have an increased likelihood of developing arthritis. It’s not the best temperature to maintain homeostasis. I learned about programmable control units from a friend, and so I mentioned it to our director… Since the residents properly follow the same patterns throughout the day, it would definitely be worth having a control unit that every one of us can automatically program to change the temperatures throughout the day. They generally prefer it to be a little bit warmer at night. Occasionally I forget to adjust the control unit with all of the other closing duties I have. We decided to try it and the control unit has been a big hit! The residents rave over how sleek and modern it looked. Most of them had dial control units in their other houses. I guess it’s always so funny to see how they all come together. They are amazed by the smallest changes that happen around here. It’s been a big reminder to me to live in the moment.

Residential heat and AC

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