Living life through the HVAC systems I repair

I just took a break from actually working on the HVAC compressor plus now I’m inside the home plus ready to eat some lunch plus to escape the heat for a bit.

I just got an email from my friend’s sibling, who is a writer plus was visiting our small Spanish beach neighborhood a few weeks ago, plus was blown away by the article he wrote.

As I cleaned my hands up from the grease from actually working on the a/c compressor I read the article. She made me look at my life differently plus appreciate who I am more plus how I’ve chosen to live my life. I was an HVAC repairman actually working at the local corporation here in the states until I decided to make a change in my life. I moved away from the USA to find a self-explanatory life where I could slow down plus truly live life, without all of the obligations plus responsibilities every one of us have here in the states. I still work each month writing about heating plus cooling for HVAC systems, however only about 12 hours a month plus it is on my schedule. I feel better about my life plus who I am because he definitely painted a better picture of how I live life, better than I was seeing it myself, plus I truly appreciate the article he wrote because he opened my eyes as to who I truly am. I will still write about HVAC systems plus smart thermostats for a while because it is just so interesting to me, plus I can rest knowing that I am also on the right path.


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