My family always has something to complain about

I easily doubt I’m the only one to ever say this… although I come from a family that complains all the time! If you ever make the terrible mistake of telling them about something that has been bothering you, you are about to get an hour long lecture about how dreadful their concerns are… You won’t get any advice from them in the slightest.

There’s no way that your concerns can begin to compare to how difficult their lives happen to be.

It doesn’t matter if you are talking because you lost your task or because your partner left you – somehow it’ll be worse on their end every single time. Recently, my mom genuinely could not stop calling me to tell me all about how ghastly the weather conditions had been in her area. She was completely heated up about the outdoor heat and humidity, and she was releasing some of the warmth by venting it all at me. She kept telling me that the a/c machine was running nonstop however it wasn’t cooling down the house. She insisted that she had never been so warm and uncomfortable in her whole life and she was starting to feel miserable. She wanted to turn off the central cooling machine, despite the fact that she was scared that she would immediately overheat. Instead, she felt something like a victim because now she was facing the reality of paying for her outrageous energy bill after all of this warm weather and AC machine usage. She rambled on and on about her heat and indoor cooling woes, with no input on my part. I knew there was no point in reminding her that AC is totally luxurious and her heat and humidity were bad… however they didn’t easily compare to my regular experience living in Costa Rica separate from AC for years.

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