My fitness center

I recently opened a twenty-four hour fitness center.

But before opening for business, there were lots of things to consider.

First, I acquired certification from an international health association in order to gain credibility in the fitness world. Next, I applied for financing in order to purchase all of the equipment, furnishings, etc. And everyone strongly recommended that I be fully insured for liability, theft, and fire. I advertised for personal trainers and a receptionist, hiring some excellent employees. I was almost ready for the grand opening when I realized that the air conditioning system was malfunctioning. Before putting in a call for an HVAC repairman to come, I tried troubleshooting the problem myself. The first thing that I checked was the air filter, which looked like it hadn’t been replaced in a very long time. I replaced the dirty filter with a new one, hoping that the problem was that simple. Unfortunately, the system was still not consistently cooling the rooms. I wondered if there was a problem with the igniter or the wiring, since sometimes the system was operating and other times it wasn’t. I decided that I would need a certified Heating and Cooling technician to tackle the issue. Thankfully, when I did call for a technician, one was available later that day. It turns out that the ignition was the problem, and he replaced it with a part from his service van. Before he left, I asked his advice on what temperature I should set the workout rooms for optimal comfort. He suggested that I set the thermostat between 68 and 72 degrees fahrenheit, ultimately waiting for feedback from my customers. Finally the grand opening of my fitness center was ready.

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