Older people like to live in the moment

I’ve worked at the front desk of a retirement apartment for quite some time.

I love it here.

I’ve acquired so much about the residents and many of the things aren’t true. It actually can be quite hurtful to think anything about a group of people. There are some true things though. One thing I found is that the residents are always complaining and asking me questions about the air conditioning and the heating system. Sometimes they are upset about the temperature of the retirement home. They hate it to be too cold. When your bones lose mass, you have an increased likelihood of developing arthritis. These people need proper temperatures to maintain homeostasis. I learned about programmable thermostats from a friend. I also mentioned it to our manager, since the residents follow the same patterns throughout the afternoon. It’s worth having a thermostat like that because we can automatically program to change to certain temperatures at different times during the afternoon. They generally like for things to be warmer during the evening. Sporadically I forget to adjust the thermostat with all of the other closing duties that I have. So we decided to give it a try, and the thermostat has been a hit! The residents raved over how sleek it looked. They had dial thermostats in their aged homes. It is so funny to see how they all come together to look in awe at a single small thing on the wall. They are amazed by the smallest things! It’s been a good reminder to live in the moment.

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