Personal fitness trainer helped me to lose weight

I understand what it’s like to have trouble with body weight.

  • My problems began around the age of twelve.

When my class was in P.E. at school and playing a game of soccer, I strained ligaments and my leg ended up in a cast. For whatever reason, my ankle was never quite right after that injury. But the worst part was adopting unhealthy eating habits because I was depressed and sedentary during the recovery time. By the time I got better, I had become rather lazy. I was eating too much snack food throughout the day. Even though I was once again able to play outside with my friends again, it was harder to keep up without getting out of breath and exhausted. Once I reached that point, I slowed down physically and just gained more weight and got more out of shape. It was a harmful cycle that I couldn’t figure out how to stop. As an adult, I realized that I needed outside assistance to make changes and improve my health. It was time to take my fitness seriously. That’s when I decided to sign up with a personal fitness trainer. The trainer worked with me to create a customized workout plan that targets my existing abilities and future goals. Although I’m coming off a sedentary lifestyle, the trainer has pushed me in the right direction to finally embrace healthy eating and fitness habits. I don’t think I could have lost weight on my own. I didn’t know how to go about working out properly. I would not have stayed motivated or left my comfort zone without the encouragement of the personal trainer. Hiring a personal fitness trainer as a very good investment in my health, happiness and future.



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