Running is a free workout

When I finished college, I was confronted with a sizeable amount of debt due to student loans.

Although I managed to get a job within my field, it was an entry level position.

My income was really low. I had a hard time keeping up with insurance, car & studen loan payments. There was hardly enough left in the budget to pay for a few groceries & cheap rent on an apartment. By necessity, I chose a small, rundown apartment in a rather sketchy neighborhood. There wasn’t much square footage and not realy sufficient space for any type of workout. I could barely unroll a yoga mat. I had an old set of free weights that came in handy. If I attempted to jump rope or do any kind of high impact workout, the downstairs neighbords complained that I was rattling their light fixtures. I certainly couldn’t pay a gym membership, so I chose to run. The benefit of running is that it is completely free. All I required was a decent pair of sneakers. At first, I attempted running in the local area. I was so terrified of some of the people, dogs & situations that I came across that it was an unpleasant experience. I then drove to a local athletic field and found access to a running track. Once I increased my stamina & started running for longer distances, I got bored with traveling in circles. I looked online & found a vareity parks & nature preserves in the nearby vicinity that are ideal for running. I really enjoy running trails through the woods because there is always something interesting to see. Although I have since moved into a much better apartment complex & have signed up for a gym membership, I continue to run local trails a few times per week.

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